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Surprise Birthday Party


Brilliant way to celebrate birthday with friends and family.

Everybody loved it!

The whole event was really engaging for all ages (5 -85) and put huge smiles on everyone's faces.

Can't recommend highly enough.

Big thumbs up from me.

Thank you.




Was part of a private party watching Jason and his fabulous birds.

He brought along some well known and more unusual birds to show and talk about.

An interesting, friendly and knowledgeable guy who is absolutely passionate about his birds and subject.

The talk was inclusive for all ages, we had a lot of fun and I’ve got some fantastic photos.

Thoroughly recommend.


Amazing Experience at Stokes Wood Primary


Jason and his feathery family have brightened our Fun Day and brought a much needed first hand experience to our nature-loving pupils.

He was very knowledgeable and witty, entertained not only the children but the staff too!

Thank you, Jason!




Jason is always a pleasure to watch.

The children loved seeing the birds, they learnt a great deal but the highlight for them was holding the owls.

They were stunning!


Excellent Evolution!


The Year 6 children at our school were thoroughly entertained (and educated) by the Falconry UK show.

It was great to hear the pupils' answers to questions about the birds - earlier in the year, they learned all about evolution and inheritance.

Jason's expert highlighting of the different adaptations of the birds reminded the children about the theory of 'Survival of the Fittest' and 'Natural Selection'.

Great fun!


Amazing Experience!


Our school booked Jason and Falconry UK for our "fun day".

It was incredible for myself and my year 5 class!

Jason was incredible with the children and kept the attention of them all.

It is now almost a week later and the children are still talking about the experience and discussing the facts Jason taught us.

Thank you so much!!


School Visit


We booked Jason and Falconry UK for a session with our Reception children to link with the Literacy text - Owl Babies.

I cannot put into words how wonderful our session was!!

The children learnt so much (as did the staff), and it was pitched at just the right level for the children.

They loved meeting the different birds, including the owls and pygmy falcon, but Blue the Kookaburra was their favourite as he was so cheeky.

In a week where our children lost the chance to attend their school trip to the farm due to COVID, this was just the pick me up they needed, and they've not stopped talking about the visit ever since (the farm trip is long forgotten).

We uploaded each photo of the children with a bird to their Tapestry account, and their parents have loved seeing them.

We can't wait to see you again next year, thank you so much Jason!!


Outstanding Workshop


This was not my first experience of a bird of pray workshop but it was certainly by far the best I have seen.

The handler's intimate and charming relationship with each of the birds was fascinating and a delight to see.

Jason also gave the audience opportunities to be up close to the birds whilst sharing lots of factual information.

Jason was extremely professional in the way they delivered the workshops to all boys ranging from year 2 to year 6.

Thank you


A Delightful Experience


We booked Jason and his birds though our college, for an educational experience.

The entire event was truly wonderful.

Being able to interact with the exotic birds and learn about their habitat, behaviour, diet and individual traits was truly amazing.

Jason and his team were extremely professional and ensured that the entire event ran smoothly in a COVID safe manner, which ensured the safety of the students.

He also tailored the event to meet our needs and that gave it a personal touch, which we all enjoyed.

Jason shares a special bond with his birds which was amazing to observe.

The birds feel comfortable around him and thus stay calm.

Interacting with these birds in real life made us appreciate them and in turn appreciate the beauty of mother nature.

Overall, the entire event was a huge success and I would like to thank Jason and his team.

I received positive feedback from many students after the event concluded.

We hope to see them soon again.

Wishing them the very best.


Wonderful Experience


Great educational day that the staff and children thoroughly enjoyed.

Jason arrived promptly for the start of the first session and was completely self contained.

He is engaging with the children and our children were captivated by him and his birds.

Jason is very knowledgeable about the birds which he brings as well as many other species of birds too.

The birds are well looked after and are absolutely beautiful.

Many staff fell in love with 'Marmalade', the 5 month old baby barn old.

Will definitely be booking again in future years.




A wonderful, well organised, simple set up where Jason was amazing with all ages of children from the very small to our pre-school aged children.

Plenty of prior information along with Information Game Sheets and Colouring Sheets for the children to do.

Lots of interacting for both staff and children to all be involved.

All birds are well-cared for, healthy and the children and staff adored them.

We captured some fantastic photographs.

Thank you!


Fantastic Experience


We booked with Jason for our school in Southampton and he was amazing!

Our children got so much out of the experience and loved all of the birds!

Jason was amazing with the children and engaged them throughout the whole day!

The children learned so much and they could recall it all in the end of the day quiz.

The booking process was simple and easy to understand.

Jason was quick to respond to messages and phone calls.

He was super helpful and happy to answer any queries.

We can't wait to book again in the future!


A Fantastic Event


This is the 3rd year that we have had the pleasure of welcoming Jason and the birds to our school.

Jason engages the children so well and ensures that everyone has the chance to be included.

He even managed this perfectly with all of the covid restrictions in place and every child was able to have a photograph with the birds, making it a very special and personal experience for them.

The children and adults learn so much about these amazing birds but the way that it is presented is fun and engaging and Jason is a pleasure to listen to.

The children are still talking about the experience and many have said that it was the highlight of the year!

The event is very well organised and the pre-visit information and communication was exceptional.

I will be booking Jason again for the 4th year and I cannot wait for our new year group to to experience this wonderful event.

Thank you Jason.


Highly Recommended


Thank you so much to Jason and Bailey - White Faced Owl, Blu - Blue Winged Kookaburra, Rocco - Pygmy Falcon, Marmalade - the baby Barn Owl and the outstanding Brooklyn - Verreaux Eagle Owl for such an informative and entertaining morning.

Jason was able to hold the children’s attention, even the little ones and they and staff loved seeing these wonderful birds up close and hearing about how they live in the wild.

I would highly recommend Jason and his winged friends for any occasion.


Beautiful , Well-Loved and Cared for Birds


Thank you so much Jason for sharing your amazing birds with us!

They were so friendly and such characters!

It was such a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn about them, to ask questions and to draw them in their art lessons and It was such an exciting day for us all.

The birds are so well cared for and you have such a lovely relationship with each one of them.

The students haven't stopped talking about them.

Many thanks and all the best for your summer season.


Fantastic Visit!


This is the second time we have booked.

Absolutely delightful experience and can’t wait to have the birds back again!

Thanks Jason


Spellbinding Birthday Party Entertainment


Jason and his birds were the highlight of our son’s birthday party.

The children were entranced as Jason introduced each of his magnificent birds and they sat there spellbound for the full 50 minutes.

It was brilliantly educational and entertaining for children and adults alike.

I cannot recommend it more highly!

Thank you Jason, Bailey, Taz, Rocco, Marmalade and feathered friends




Jason was apsolutely fantastic.

Stunningly informative and fun to listen to.

Everyone in our party was captivated and enthralled.

The collection of birds some of which were rare was a pleasure and privilege to experience up close.

I simply can not recommend him enough.

He made everyone feel special.

Don’t hesitate to book him.


Best Visit for Year Four


Jason created a fantastic day for the children.

He ensured all children were captivated by the birds they got to meet.

We felt extra special because we got to meet a 3 week old baby barn owl which was fab!

The children absolutely loved their day from start to finish. Jason made sure he gave the children lots of information whilst getting the children to come up and have pictures taken with the birds.

They loved the workshop and quiz at the end too!

An extra special day which I know the children will remember forever!

Thank you!


Excellent Enrichment!


What a brilliant day!

Our Year 2 children and staff had a fantastic visit from Jason and their fantastic animals.

The discussion was pitched brilliantly and engaged all of the children.

The key vocabulary reinforced our learning about Birds of Prey but also enriched the children's experiences by them being able to each have a photograph taken with one of the visiting birds up close and personal.

Even one of the teachers was able to get some exciting selfies!

The workshop of examining the pellets was safely co-ordinated and the children loved being in teams for the quiz at the end of the session.

Definitely worth a visit, we will be booking again!