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To Keep a Smooth Running of our Business we ask that All Payments are made either Before our Visit or on the Day of our Visit.

We apreciate with some companies this may not be possible, we can of course make exceptions if we are made aware of this before our visit.


Payment Terms


CHEQUE PAYMENTS - Must Be Made 10 Days Before the Visit Date (We Are Phasing Out Cheque Payments)

Please make Cheques Payable to 'Falconry UK'.

BACS PAYMENTS - Must Be Made 1 Week Before the Visit Date (Please Put Invoice Number As Reference)

CARD PAYMENTS - Can Be Made Prior or On The Day of Our Visit (Not New Clients)

Card Payment Prior To Visit We Send a Payment Link By Email

Card Payment On the Visit Date - We Must Be Notified If You Wish To Do This (Not New Clients)

Card Payment Are Subject To a 4% Service Charge

Please Make Cheques Payable to ‘Falconry UK’.

Bank Account Details: (Santander)

Account Number: 37275620

Sort Code: 09-01-27


When we are not informed about any late payments, we endevour to resolve this by emailing, but unfortunatley if the late payment persists we have to charge a 'Late Payment Fee'.

For Private Bookings 'Full Payment' or 'Remaining Balance' must be paid 7 days before the Event Date.

We 'Do Not' do Visits unless the Payment is made in line with our T&C's and it is the Clients responsibility to do this.

Any Deposits are 'Non Refundable'.

For New Client Schools payment before the Visit Date is mandatory. If payment is made late we are at no obligation to make the visit date, however another date will be supplied.

Late Payment Fees

An Automatic £25 Fee will be charged for ANY late payments.


Also There Afterwards


Up to 14 Days After the Visit Date 10% of the Total Invoice Cost

15 to 28 Days After the Visit Date 15% of the Total Invoice Cost

29 to 42 Days After the Visit Date 20% of the Total Invoice Cost

43 to 56 Days After the Visit Date 25% of the Total Invoice Cost


If Payment is Late we will Invoice for the Above Amounts

Booking Cancellation Terms

As you can appreciate, we are in high demand and once your booking has been confirmed, we will turn away any subsequent bookings for your date.


Cancellation More than 60 Days Prior to the Event – £75
Cancellation 60-30 Days Prior to the Event – 50% of the Booking fee payable to us
Cancellation Less than 30 Days Prior to the Event – 100% of the booking fee payable to us


The Booking Cancelation Fee is taken from the Total Amout of the Invoice.


When a Booking is cancelled even when the Digital Invoice is not Signed and in any email correspondence the client has advised to continue with the booking there will be a £25 Cancellation Fee as we incur costs by booking and raising the invoice with a third party company.


Booking Cancelations In Extreme Circumstances

on the rare occasion we may have to cancel our booking due to an extreme circumstance which is out of our control. In cases such as these we will issue you a Cedit Note to your account and make another booking for a future date.. In cases like this we are not obliged to issue a refund..


Bad Weather

Extreme Cold or Heat Weather

Unavoidable Road Closures

Avaian (Bird) Flu (This is enforced due to Government Guidence & only affects Outdoor Bookings)

Vehicle Accidents or Breakdowns


When Re Arranging a Date the Payment Terms are still allocated with the original booking date that has been Digitally Signed..

When a Booking has been rearranged or cancelled by yourselves we will apply a credit note for the value of that booking value in that calendar year. Your credit note will last for 12 months.

If the same booking is rearranged or cancelled again we are not obliged to keep the offer of a credit note.

It is your responsibility to make the payment/s on the agreed Dates,

Failing to do this will result in the Booking being cancelled..


Unacceptable Behaviour

If at any point through the visit any of our staff members are treated in any way deemed to be of Unacceptable Behaviour under our Terms & Conditions we can leave the booking and no refund is given. We will not do this lightly and only leave if we feel there is no way the visit can go ahead.

Bad Weather Policy

Due To Animal Welfare if an Out Door Event is deemed too bad to Setup due to rain or wind we ask for an Indoor Option where we can still give a wonderful experience but in a safe environment for our Birds..

If during the event the weather is deemed to bad to continue we will have to pack the birds into Thier travel boxes and dismantle our Outdoor Setup. We will of course offer the duration of the visit indoors if it can be supplied.

If you are thinking of cancelling an event due to bad weather we would appreciate at least 24 hours notice as most often we book hotels etc.. in advance and travel up the night before..

If you are cancelling due To unforeseen circumstances such as Bad Weather etc..

In circumstances where there is no fault to Falconry UK for cancelling an event.

In the first instance we will arrange another visit date and will of course supply a few dates.

If the dates supplied are not suitable to the client or in very busy periods not within the a certain time period The Original Invoice will be Paid.


School Timetables

it is an Animal Welfare Regulation that we have a timetable for visits. If a Timetable is not given 48 Hours before our visit we can cancel the original booking date until a timetable is given and a credit note is issued for a future booking within 12 month period. No refunds will be given.

Booking Fees

All External Visit Prices shown on our Website are just the Visit Cost, there is a Travel Cost which will be calculated using your Area or Postcode and provided within our Quote. Travel Cost will include if necessary, Hotel Fee, Bridge Tolls.

Other Conditions

School Professional Photographs


We endeavour to reproduce the ‘Best Possible Photograph’, however working in this environment with Children and Animals is sometimes challenging..

Example - Getting Young Children and the Bird to look at the same time is very difficult, but we always do our very best..

Important - The ‘Fee’ for having the photograph with our Birds is for the experience of holding one of our Amazing Birds’, and the time taken to do the photographs at the school and afterwards..

No Refunds, will be given after the Bird has been held and the photographs has been taken.


We use a third party company such as ‘SnapFish’ to produce the photographs and to deliver them to the school.. The photographs are not seperatly packed and the school has to do this.. We do this so we can offer a cost effective way of each child having the experience of holding a bird of prey and having their picture taken.


Extra Staff for help taking the photographs is only required for schools wanting in excess of 150 photos and then we assess the time scale.. and bring only if we deem necessary.


Accidents During Travel

If an accident happens during travel and or up to 7 days after the accident and we have done everything possible to get to you on time.. We will rearrange a date and rebook as soon it is possible..

School & Event Parking

Parking provided by yourselves, As we need to bring our vehicle on site next to where we will be setting up, if this is not possible we have a 10 metre rule where we have to be parked within that distance and the vehicle has to stay there for the duration of our visit.

If the above is not possible you can add an extra staff member onto the booking where we have much greater leeway.

If this is not possible we need to know ahead of the booking date as this may affect our visit.

If you cannot supply free parking for a Van (Vauxhall Vivaro SWB) and we still accept the booking then parking must be made available to us at no cost to ourselves)

(If you are in the London Congestion Charge Zone there will be £11.50 added to Invoice Total)

Static Display Terms & Conditions

We need to park our Van behind or next to our Gazebo setup this is very important for animal welfare in case any of our birds need to be safely put back in our van.

Where we are positioned needs to be a flat area if on gras needs to be short enough to display. If on grass and the ground is soft during wet periods this causes issues driving our van onto the area. So caution on positioning needs to be looked at

We needs to be a safe distance from any loud music, bouncy castles and any items that cause smoke.

If we are to setup on Hard Standing we need to be made aware of this prior to our visit as it's a completely different setup that we need to bring.


if we are supplied with an unsuitable setup area and no other alternative is available we will not be able to display our birds and you will loose any money paid.


if at any point through the display we deem it unsuitable or dangerous for our birds we will ask you to rectify if this is not possible we will have no choice other than to pack away the birds safely.


If you require bird handling through the event then we can offer 2 options..

Option 1:

People in attendance can have Bird Handling taking their own pictures... We charge amount depending on the bird size and money goes to us.


Option 2:

We can charge whatever you want for pictures and ALL but £1 of each small bird handling  goes back to you to subsidies our visit.. This amount comes off the small birds. We bring larger birds to fill the display out… this money goes to us.

We regulate this on the day and bring extra staff to do so...

(Please note for the larger birds it’s £5 to us and any extra large bird it’s £8)

Coronavirus (Corvid-19)

During these hard times we need to ensure that we work along side our clients to make sure we get the best possible outcome, if a booking has to cancel due to Coronavirus.

Since 1st June 2020 we are now back conducting visits, however we are ahering to government guidelines and social distancing and we have some of our own structures in place to make sure everyone is safe during our visits.

In fact during our visits, with our plan, we do not come into contact with anyone and even by doing this, it has no adverse afect on our visits.

We have an first class 'Coronavirus Risk Assessment' for all types of events, which is a suplement to work alongside our normal 'Risk Assessment', this will be provided upon booking.

Snce 1st June we will only rearrange a booking if we go into 'Lock Down' and Government Guidelines restrict us from travelling, or your area goes into 'Lock Down' and your Facility / School is forced to close, we will make sure that your booking is rescheduled at the earliest possible time that is convienient to both parties.

If your Facility / School is allowed to remain open our visit can still go ahead, however if you wish to postpone, we will of course work with you to re book.

If the visit hasn't been paid, payment is required in the same time frame as per original invoice and a 'Credit note' will be issued.

If you cannot or dont reschedule the booking, the invoice will have to be paid by the original date and in line with our 'Payment Terms & Conditions'.

If we cannot reschedule the booking, a full refund will be issued.

We will only refund a booking if we have to cancel the event not related to Coronavirus.

Please Contact Us At Any Time To Discuss Any Payment Queries


contact telephone 0844 504 7742
contact mobile 07761 858672
contact email admin@falconry-uk.org