Falconry UK Filmed for Famous Bollywood Singer

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Falconry UK on 22nd October 2020 filmed for the very Famous Bollywood Singer Amrit Mann


During the filming we used:

Mika - Our Siberian Eagle Owl - Who has worked with many famous people over the years - CLICK HERE TO SEE MIKA'S PAGE


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Mika pictured above with Amrit Mann and the rest of his crew in the background.

We had great fun filming with the whole crew, which spared no expense hiring a Private Jet, Red Ferrari and a Yellow Mclaren.


CLICK HERE - To go to Amrit Mann's Instagram Page.


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Pictured above Mika with the crew inside the Private Jet, it was such a squeeze, but Mika as always performed brilliantly.


Amrit Mann Full Music Video All Bamb Ft Neeru Bajwa Ikwinder Singh


Below is a Short Video Clip of Mika Filming Inside the Private Jet


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