Falconry UK Filmed for An Independant Movie Shoot

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Falconry UK on 16 September 2020 Filmed for an Independant Movie Shoot at a stunning location, Waverley Abbey.


They requested Orlando our American Kestrel for the shoo who performed fantastic - CLICK HERE TO SEE ORLANDO'S PAGE


The video shoot lasted 2 hours and filmed entirely at Waverley Abbey Ruins, the film is for an Independant Company.

Once we know more of where and when this shoot will be used we will update...


falconry uk bbc operation ouch group

Pictured above Orlando being filmed inside Waverley Abbey Ruins


falconry uk bbc operation ouch bailey

Orlando and Actor being filmed.


falconry uk bbc operation ouch blu

Close up filming of Orlando and Actor


falconry uk bbc operation ouch blu

Final video shot of Orlando and Actor whilst a beautiful sunset


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