Mika & Pickle Film TV Commercial

hendricks gin 1

On Wednseday 20th June 2018 Mika our Siberian Eagle Owl and Pickle our 4 Week Old Tropickle Screech Owl travelled to Black Island Studios, London to to a TV Commercial Shoot for the very popular 'Hendricks Gin'.


hendricks gin 2

Mika on the Set Filming


hendricks gin 3

Pickle on Set Filming 


hendricks gin 4

 Pickle on Set Filming


Below is a Short Video Clip of Pickle Being Filmed


Henrick's Gin TV Advert - How To Perfect Cucumber Balls (Featuring - Pickle)


Henrick's Gin TV Advert - The Gin & Tonic (Featuring - Mika)


Henrick's Gin TV Advert - The French 75 (Featuring - Mika)



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