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Pictured Above One of Our Online Zoom Sessions With A School

(Children's Faces Have Been Blurred Out For Saftey Reasons)


During the Lockdown Period we are offering our 'Online Zoom Sessions' to Schools and other Sectors where you will experience the same Educational Talk with our Amazing Facilitator.


For Schools this is a perfect replacement for an Online Learning Project whilst seeing our Amazing Birds of Prey, even the chidren who are not in school can still log on and participate.


Upon booking you will be provided with our Online Zoom Code/s and Password/s, it is very straight forward to setup.


There is a 100 Participant Limit on each session, so please bare this in mind when booking.


If requested you can also have your very own recording of the Zoom Session.


Online Zoom Educational Talk


You will see around 5-7 Birds of Prey including, Eagles, Vultures, Hawks, Falcons, Kites and Owls (Depending on the Year Group) in Travelling Boxes, bring them out one at a time and give an Educational Talk.


During the Talk we will Talk About:

Anatomy, Habitat, Camouflage, Flight, Diet etc...

We will also show, Skulls, Feathers, Talons, Eggs and Bird 'Pellets' (Undigested Parts of their Food Formed into a Cast)...


1 x 30 Minute Zoom Session - £165.00 (With a 10 Minute Q&A Session)

2 x 30 Minute Zoom Sessions - £195.00 (With a 10 Minute Q&A Session)

3 x 30 Minute Zoom Sessions - £225.00 (With a 10 Minute Q&A Session)

4 x 30 Minute Zoom Sessions - £255.00 (With a 10 Minute Q&A Session)

5 x 30 Minute Zoom Sessions - £285.00 (With a 10 Minute Q&A Session)

6 x 30 Minute Zoom Sessions - £315.00 (With a 10 Minute Q&A Session)


Recording of Session - £25.00


 Don't Take Our Word For It ! 


We had a visit from Jason as a few of our infants classes were doing the topic ‘The owl who was afraid of the dark’. So what better way to learn about owls than to experience them in real life! The children were all fascinated by the birds and loved holding them. Jason explains to the children how to be calm around the owls. I am sure we ...

Miss Evas - Williamstown Primary School

Our Falconry Day was very special! We celebrated ours son’s 13th Birthday with a Falconry Experience. We were all enthralled by the level of knowledge shared about the wonderful array of birds; owls and falcons that are part of Falconry UK. The love and respect was evident and that made our day more enjoyable! The selection of birds was ...

Tina Hartery – Parent, Private Flying Experience

Another amazing workshop and activity session with Jason, this time with our Year 1 pupils. Jason was entertaining and engaging and the children loved the workshop and geting up close and personal to the birds of prey! Simply Amazing! Can't wait to book again same time next year. Thank you Jason.

Lynne Adams - The Hythe Communtiy Primary School

Thank you Jason for an amazing 9th birthday party for our twins Charlie and Oliver. It was a great educational and fun experience for everyone, grown ups too! Thank you for making a lockdown birthday party very enjoyable and safe. All the party guests have not stopped telling their families all about your beautiful birds, you have certainly ...

Louise Budd - Private Birthday Party

Jason and his beautiful feathered friends visited our holiday club in Feb 2022 Half Term. After personally seeing Jason at local events in the Bridgend area, I knew the visit would be a hit. Jason was helpful from the start. His emails were prompt and informative. The children absolutely loved the visit - Lots of fun facts, opportunities to ...

Jodie Ward - Head Office Manager For Simply Out of School

Jason is such a lovely man who came to our nursing home in Wiltshire on for the afternoon with a few of his amazing birds. We had a packed house, full of our residents, staff and family members that were all very excited to see who he had brought to visit. Jason took his time by going around everyone with each bird and talking about the birds ...

Trudy & Laura - Brendoncare Froxfield

I Held a Harry Potter Yule Ball Style Event in November and invited this incredible company along to introduce our guests so some incredible birds. This companies professionalism was outstanding. The birds who were well behaved, well looked after and very friendly. The staff who were simply amazing too. I would happily hire this company back ...

Victoria Maclean - Harry Potter UK

Absolutely fantastic talk. My girls thoroughly enjoyed and so did I. Will definitely be looking for more opportunities to see another show. Very educational and interesting. Thank you Jason and all the lovely birds.

Emma Williams

Thank you so much Jason for sharing your amazing birds with us! They were so friendly and such characters! It was such a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn about them, to ask questions and to draw them in their art lessons and It was such an exciting day for us all. The birds are so well cared for and you have such a lovely ...

Seema Khanna - Southbank International School

I booked Jason and his birds as a surprise wedding day gift for my new hubby. He was a delight to deal with, agreeing to change the booking date four times with each wedding postponement. (Thanks COVID!) When the big day finally arrived, Jason was very lovely, friendly and knowledgable and the birds were beautiful. We were especially in awe of ...

Alice Juniper Bloomfield - Wedding

Of Course We Are Fully Insured and Have a Current 'Performing Animal Licence'.

Risk Assessments are Also Available if Required.


Please Contact Us As We Can Tailor What We Offer To Suit You.


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