Falconry UK Filmed Ghost Face 600 New Music Video

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On the 19th March 2021 Falconry UK filmed for the very talented Rap Artist 'Ghost Face 600'.

We were contacted by the Rap Artists Agent and the requested a very large Owl for their video and a smaller owl for some more difficult shots.

We had a great time filming on the day, all of the crew were very professional and very respectfull when filiming with our birds.


So we used:

Mika our Western Siberian Eagle Owl - CLICK HERE TO SEE MIKA'S PAGE

Pickle our Tropical Screech Owl - CLICK HERE TO SEE PICKLE'S PAGE



Mika Being Filmed For Very Close Up Shots


Mika Opening His Wings Up For a Stunning Video Shoot


A part of the Music Video featured a Female Dancer and for this shot they wanted a small owl to sit on the shoulder of the female dancer whilst she danced...

I am not a fan of doing shots like this but Pickle our amazing Tropical Screech Owl over the years has proved to be one of the best owls we have for filming difficult shots and him being so small allows us to place him anywhere.


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Pickle Being Filmed With Female Dancer


We would like to thank all of the crew at 600EML LTD and wish you all the very best for the Music Video launch.


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Jason & Mika our Western Siberian Eagle Owl with Gost Face 600


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