Suki - Asian Brown Wood Owl

Name : Suki

Sex : Female

Species : Asian Brown Wood Owl - Strix leptogrammica

Hatch Date : 19-04-2009

The Brown Wood-owl, Strix leptogrammica, is an owl which is a resident breeder in south Asia from India and Sri Lanka east to western Indonesia and south China. This species is a part of the family of owls known as   typical owls (Strigidae), which contains most species of owl. It  belongs to the earless owl genus Strix.

The Brown Wood Owl is medium large (45-57 cm), with upperparts uniformly dark brown, with faint white  spotting on the shoulders. The underparts are buff with brown streaking. The facial disc is brown or rufous, edged with white and without concentric barring, and the eyes are dark brown. There is a white neckband. The sexes are similar.

The call is a (hoo) hoo hoo HOO or a deep goke-goke-ga-LOOO or a loud scream. The alarm call is a bark, wow-wow.